White Header

This section explains how to construct the white, lightweight ImmobilienScout24 header, which is used mostly for pages where the user should not be distracted from the content.


The white header has a simple structure. It contains only the ImmobilienScout24 logo, and a one- or two-line claim or headline.

White header (Background added for demonstrational purposes)
<header class="page-header page-header--white">
    <a href="#" title="Zur Startseite" class="page-header__logo">
        <img alt="ImmobilienScout24" src="../../img/logo/immobilienscout24.svg">
    </a><span class="page-header__brand">
        Der Marktführer:<br />
        Die Nr. 1 rund um Immobilien

Please note that there should be no whitespace (line feeds, tabs, etc.) in your markup between the end tag of page-header__logo and the starting tag of page-header__brand.